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Employee Spotlight – Lisa Jackson!

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Today’s employee spotlight is shining on the one and only Lisa Jackson! We love Lisa and don’t know what we’d do without her so today it is a pleasure to be able to share her spotlight with you.

Lisa is such a wonderful and positive person. She is also a very hard worker and wears many, many hats for Interrail. From making sure all of our crewmen have rooms each night to managing various accounting tasks and even helping out with marketing, there’s not much that Lisa doesn’t do. We are very lucky to have her on our team.

Lisa was born in Paris, Tennessee on February 4th… she will not disclose the year because she said she’s been 29 and holding for a while now!

“My family actually lived in Nashville but my mother liked the doctors here for some reason. We moved from Nashville to Buchanan when I was 2.”

Lisa’s parents, Hughlette and Lucrecia King, are still alive and well. Lisa says she and her sister have simple names due to her parents complicated ones. Her sister’s name is Becky. Lisa’s daughter Kelli also has a simple name. Kelli Layne Jackson was born on May 6th, 1996 and is Lisa’s only child. Kelli is in her second year as a nursing student and makes her mom proud every day.

Work and Education:
Lisa graduated from Henry County High School in Paris, TN then went on to attended UTM & Bethel University. She later graduated from the Vanderbilt School of Banking.

“In high school I worked for a local store – Uncle Lee’s (similar to Walmart before there was a Walmart) as a cashier. My senior year, I was in the Distributive Education Class and left school for 1/2 day in the afternoons and worked at Commercial Bank. I was signed up to attend Murray State University in the fall after graduation but Commercial Bank offered me a full time job and would pay for classes so I decided to go that route. I worked my way up to a loan officer and VP. After 18 years of banking, December 31, 1999 was my last day. I had 2200 customers and $19,000,000+ in loans.”

The reason Lisa left Commercial Bank was because one of her best loan customers enticed her to go to work for his company – Four Seasons Sales and Service, Inc., as the office manager over 200 employees. After eight years with Four Seasons, Lisa played an instrumental part in helping the company merge with Houchens Industries. After the merge, Lisa began to look for a job that would allow her to work less hours and be present for her daughter Kelli, who was very active in sports and school activities. Lisa’s mother was retiring from Lakewood School as the book keeper so Lisa decided to apply for her position and got it.

“It was wonderful being off in the summers and having short hours so that I could do what I needed to do with Kelli”

On June 4, 2012 Lisa came to work for Interrail and says she “absolutely loves it”. There are challenging days for her no doublt, as managing 175+ guys in different states, on different jobs is not always easy, but Lisa makes it seem as though it is.

“Interrail is a family and we love each other. Mike, Pam, Joey, all the Kelley’s & Hutson’s and Heather [Lamon] are wonderful to work with.”

In her free time Lisa loves going to the beach, deep sea fishing and relaxing by her pool. She loves living in Buchanan and working in Cottage Grove (God’s Country). Lisa is truly a country girl at heart.

Thank you Lisa for all of your hard work and dedication to Interrail.


Lisa with Pam Hutson in the summer of 1981 (approx). They are long time friends :)

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