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Henry County Fair 2015

The annual Henry County Fair in Paris, TN has been supporting Tennessee Agriculture since 1859. The fair is held in mid-August each year and draws state-wide attention. Many of Interrail Signal’s families participate in the festivities and events that the fair has to offer. Our families take pride and work hard to help make it a successful fair each year, from showing and purchasing livestock, to entering, hosting and/or judging events. This year we had several young children of Interrail Employees participating in the fair’s events so we would like to share with you their accomplishments and brag on their behalf.

For several months each year these kids work hard with their animals to prepare them for the livestock shows. To give you an idea of why this is such an incredible task, most of the kids weigh less than 100lbs and are working with steers that weigh over 1000lbs, hogs that weigh 300lbs or more, and lambs as large as 130lbs.

Lane McKelvey, son of Kevin and Melissa Parrish, is 11 years old and this was his first year entering a calf in the Junior Steer Market Show. Lane wanted to join in the fun this year after watching family members and his neighbor’s children raise and show calves in the past. Lane plans to follow his family tradition of showing and selling steer to purchase cows and start his own herd. Each year he can continue selling his own herds offspring and save the money for college.

Britian Hutson, son of Joey and Christina Hutson is 13 years old. He won 6th Place, Class 5 in the Junior Steer Market Show. This was Britian’s second year to show in the 4H competitive steer show. He loves the overall experience because it has taught him physical and mental skills. He is saving the money he earned from selling his steer for the University of Mississippi, where he plans to attend college.

Faith Hutson, daughter of Chris and Kim Hutson, is 12 years old. She won 2nd Place, Class 2 in the Junior Steer Market Show. This is her second year showing and she loves it because it is an activity that she and her dad can do together when he is not working on the railroad. She also likes being with her steer and learning more each year about how to care for it. She enjoys watching the Senior High 4H exhibitors because they inspire her to learn more and achieve her goals. The only downside she can see to the experience is having to sell her calf after putting so much hard work into raising it. It’s truly heartbreaking for her.

Haley White Thrower, daughter of Jerry and Heather Thrower, is also 12 years old. She won 2nd Place, Class 4 in the Junior Steer Market Show and did an outstanding job. This was her very first show! Haley loves being a part of 4H and loves taking care of the animals. She wanted to get the experience of working and raising a steer to help her when she becomes a veterinarian. The money she earned for the sale of her steer will help her save up for college and veterinarian school.

Addison Delaney, daughter of Scott and Heather Delaney is 11 years old and this is her first year showing as well. She did a wonderful job showing one of her hogs. Addison is an animal lover and decided to test the waters this year with the help of an experienced family friend. Addison’s parents hope she continues to show hogs as a means of saving money for a car or college, and also to simply expand her horizons.

Caden Delaney, is Addison’s little brother and he is 8 years old. He is currently in pre-4H and is preparing to show animals in the 4H livestock sales when he reaches 4th grade. Caden’s mom describes him as a “good ole boy” because he loves the outdoors, being with his animals and playing in the dirt.

Hayden Hutson, son of Syd and Mallorie Hutson is 7 years old and this is his second year to show in the pre-4H show. Hayden’s father and uncles all participated in the livestock shows when they were in elementary, middle and high-school so he has a lot of guidance and support. Last year Hayden showed his own lamb, however this year he had to borrow a lamb due to the unfortunate death of his own in a storm, just two weeks before the fair.

Through the Tennessee 4H programs and an amazing show of community support, these bright young people learn and strengthen their skills and talents through hands on activities, camps, after-school programs, volunteering and competitions such as the ones held at the annual fair. The 4H educational programs start in elementary school through high school, conditioning and preparing the children for a lifetime of success in agriculture.

In addition to the livestock shows, several children of our employees participate in other events.

Hayden Hutson also participated in the Kid’s Pedal Tractor Pull. Ella Hutson, Hayden’s little sister, is 4 years old and this year she won first place in her age group for the baby photography contest, most photogenic category and overall girl’s picture.

Caroline Carver,  daughter of Jonathan and Raychel Carver, is 2.5 years old and she won the “Baby Barnyard” pageant and also participated in the “Dolly & Me” pageant. Her big brother Cooper Carver, who is 6 years old,  won first place in the Lego building contest! Needless to say they had an eventful, fun-filled weekend.

Landon Thrower, son of Jerry and Heather Thrower, won a blue ribbon for his ham and also won the Moon Pie eating contest! Go Landon!

Congratulations to all of our employee’s children who had the opportunity to participate in the fair and take home prizes. We are very proud of you all, keep up the good work!



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