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shunt-enclosureSHUNT ENCLOSURE – Model# IRS-SE8A

U.S. Patent No. 6,586,671

Interrail’s shunt enclosure is constructed of rugged schedule 40 PVC pipe and is installed above ground at a safe distance from the tracks, providing safe and easy access. Inside, the shunt or coupler sits on a support bracket and is attached to the mounting post with sturdy tie wraps. There is enough room inside for two couplers or shunts of 6″ in diameter or less.

#IRS-SE8A Major Features

  • Locking cover with standard railroad lock
  • Cost effective
  • Easy installation
  • Weather resistant enclosure
  • High visibility enclosure
  • Provides easy access to shunts and couplers
  • Provides easy access to surge protection networks
  • Provides for shunt location in deep snow regions
  • Provides easy identification of shunt where there are overlapping crossing starts
  • Eliminates bending over to verify shunt types
  • Eliminates digging up shunts
  • Eliminates lag screws and plates
  • Eliminates damage from on track equipment
  • Easy shunt or coupler replacement
  • Heavy duty steel post and hardware

#IRS-SE8A Major Applications

  • Termination shunt enclosure
  • Multiple frequency termination shunt enclosure
  • Tunable joint bypass enclosure
  • Wide band shunt enclosure
  • Shunt and Dummy load enclosure





Order Information

IRS-SE8A – Shunt enclosure assembly with surge arrester
IRS-SEC8 – Shunt enclosure assembly without surge arrester
IRS-SE8A-T – Replacement Top for IRS-SE8A and IRS-SEC8
IRS-SE8A-B – Replacement Bottom for IRS-SE8A and IRS-SEC8
IRS-SE8A-ORT – Marking tape orange reflective 3″x10yd roll



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