The three Interrail companies are the fruition of founder Jim Kelley’s dreams to provide the railroad industry with higher quality signal design and engineering. Jim was a well-known leader and innovator in the industry.

He began his career in 1977, before L&N became known as CSX Transportation. He spent 18 years employed with CSXT, predominantly as a signal supervisor, gaining knowledge and experience that he would later leverage into establishing his own business. In 1997 with the support of his family, Jim started Interrail out of the living room of his home in Jacksonville, Florida. His legacy lives on through his companies, which continue to carry on the same family-owned service and values that Jim instilled over the years.

Mike Hutson is one of Jim’s best friends and colleagues. Mike left CSX and joined Jim in 1998, bringing twenty years of expertise to the table with him. Mike and Jim, along with other industry leaders, created innovative products to make work safer, more reliable and more cost effective, spawning the creation of Interrail Power. Today, Mike is the Senior Vice President of Field Operations for both Interrail Signal and Interrail Power. Mike’s knowledge and experience has brought Interrail to the forefront of the railway signal installation industry.

On April 20th 2017, Interrail celebrated 20 years of service. Since the implementation of PTC all three companies have grown tremendously. Interrail is thriving and very grateful for the hard work and dedication from all of our employees, past and present. Together, we look forward to forging new partnerships with each other and our customers, without whom we would not be where we are today.

Jim Kelley

Our Leadership

Chryol Kelley


Mrs. Chryol Kelley began her career in the railroad industry in 1997. During her 21 years of experience, she has held numerous leadership positions in all areas of the three companies. Her first roles included serving as Secretary on the Board of Directors as well as CADD support and lead administration. Later she was involved in plan distribution management and the development of procedures for the Quality Assurance program. She eventually segued into accounting, materials, and human resources. In 2006, she was promoted to President of Interrail Engineering, providing support and continuing leadership roles. In 2013, she became President and owner of the three Interrail companies. Along with the invaluable support from among the most knowledgeable employees in the railroad industry, she has positioned herself to continue to offer the high quality service and support that Interrail’s customers have come to expect from Interrail Signal, Interrail Engineering and Interrail Power.

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Mike Hutson

Senior Vice President of Field Operations

Mr. Mike Hutson started his railroad career in 1980 with the former Louisville and Nashville Railroad. He worked his way up from assistant signalman to signal supervisor, working in numerous territories and eliminating miles of pole line then replacing it with electronic track circuits. Mr. Hutson was later promoted to a leadership position in the GOB in Jacksonville, FL where he supervised the reliability of CSX’s signal system covering the entire network. He was ultimately promoted to the Transportation department as service lane coordinator on the Baltimore service lane. As coordinator, he was responsible for overseeing on-time train performance from Philadelphia to Richmond and from Baltimore to Chicago. In 1998, after 20 years of service, Hutson resigned from CSX and its predecessors to work for Interrail Engineering, Inc. One year later, Interrail Signal was Incorporated and Mr. Hutson was appointed as the Vice President of Field Operations, which is conducted out of Cottage Grove, TN. Mike was the catalyst for the growth of the construction and product development of Interrail Signal as well as Interrail Power, which was incorporated in 2003. Mike has served as Vice President for Interrail Signal and Interrail Power for 16 years. He currently supervises over 150 employees serving Norfolk Southern, CSX and several short line railroads.

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Keith Carter

Vice President Engineering

Keith Carter has been a fixture in the signal design community for many years. In 1976 he began his career as an assistant signalman at Osborn Yard, in Louisville, KY on the former L&N Railroad and worked his way up to lead signalman, working various signal maintainer’s jobs along the way. He was promoted to a management position at L&N Headquarters at 9th and Broadway in Louisville, KY, in 1980. Keith worked there in the design office for a short time before moving to Jacksonville, FL in 1981 as part of the L&N/Seaboard Coast Line merger. As a signal designer, he worked on projects all over the system, eventually heading up his own design team after the Chessie/Seaboard merger in 1985. Keith went on to design many signal projects and became the Manager of Signal Engineering in 2004, where he became responsible for day to day operating issues associated with signal reliability for CSXT. While there, he was instrumental in helping restore many signal outages due to hurricanes, floods, fires, and derailments. In August 2014 Keith retired from CSX after more than 38 years of service.

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Brad Slover

Vice President of Operations

Mr. Brad Slover has served as Vice President of Operations for Interrail Engineering since January of 2011. He joined Interrail as a Design Engineer in January of 2000. Prior to his current position, he was the Manager of Norfolk Southern Design Contracts. While with Interrail, he has also served as the Quality Assurance Director, creating and implementing the Interrail Engineering Quality Assurance manual and procedures in compliance with AAR M-1003 specifications. Before joining Interrail, he worked as a Design Engineer for Harmon Electronics (now GE Transportation), as well as various positions at First Coast Signal, Inc., Coast to Coast Signal, Inc., CSXT and Crowley Maritime TMT. Mr. Slover has 27 years of working experience in the railroad and transportation fields. He is also a member of AREMA Committee 36.

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Leta Kelley

Finance Director

Ms. Leta Kelley joined Interrail in January of 2012 as the Finance Director for the three Interrail companies. Interrail’s successful growth required a strong focus on the short-term and long-term financial strength and stability required to sustain each company. Prior to Interrail, she worked as a municipal financial consultant to a wide variety of cities and counties across the U.S. and Canada, including: the City of Ottawa, ON, the City of San Diego, CA, Little Rock, AR, the City of Peoria, AZ and many others. She holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Tennessee and a Bachelor of Science from the College of William and Mary.

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