Interrail Power, Inc. provides meter services using UL approved Type 3R service boxes. We offer overhead meter service poles as well as underground meter services on wood or concrete pedestals.

All of Interrail’s meter services come complete, ready to install in the ground. We also supply step up/step down 440C/220/110C transformer boxes of various sizes and KVA ratings as well as custom boxes in various configurations to meet our customer’s needs. All of Interrail’s products can be customized specifically to your requirements.

Not only do we manufacture power devices, we have qualified personnel with the skills and experience to survey, design and install any of your power service needs. With our capable team and fully customizable products, there is no challenge that we cannot meet. From meter poles and power cases to our patented crossing safety ladder, Interrail’s goal through our products and power management is improvment, innovation and safety in the railroad industry.

Interrail also offers AC power management services which include:

  • Acquisition of power sources.
  • Dealing directly with the power companies and their individual
  • Power requirement calculations for conductor sizing.
  • Actual installation, prepaid permits and fees and aid to construction.

I have conducted business with Interrail for the past five years in their capacity as our railroad’s signal maintainers and inspectors. Interrail has been a great partner with the KWT Railway during this time. Their crews are highly responsive when issues arise and thorough in their maintenance and inspections. Interrail employees work safely, are proactive, have a can-do attitude and are a pleasure to work with. They have been a true game-changer when compared to previous contractors. I highly recommend Interrail Signal, Inc. for any railroad’s signal requirements, large or small.

Patrick E. McDurmon

Kentucky and West Tennessee Railway

Quality signal installation, maintenance, house wiring and utility underground infrastructure with excellent safety record.

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Supplying quality meter services and transformers for any size project. Top of the line power management services.

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Providing Railroads with quality engineering, testing, surveys, programming, project management and material management.

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