Junction Boxes

Look no further for your power housing needs. When it comes to protecting circuit integrity, Interrail has a variety of cases available on hand or by request to suit your needs. Our cases are durable, weather-proof, easily accessible and come in various sizes and shapes. Our cases feature heavy duty aluminum construction which is light enough to allow for easy installation, yet rugged enough to withstand years of use in the field.


  •  Constructed of .25 5052 Marine grade aluminum for durability and easy installation.
  •  18-8 stainless steel hardware.
  •  GATW (tig) welding produces stronger, higher quality cases.
  • A 13”x3” cable entry cutout on the pedestal.


  •  IRP-B2-AJB-I – Arrester junction box, 10”Hx8”Wx4”D, aluminum, inside use only
  •  IRP-B2-AJB-O – Arrester junction box, 12”Hx10”Wx4”D, aluminum, outside use only
  •  IRP-B2-TJC – TJC junction box, 21 3/8”Wx19”Hx4”D, “picnic table”, holds 4 each TJC modules, modules and lighting arresters not included.
  •  IRP-B2-AJB-RP – Junction box, 10“Hx8”Wx4”D, mounts on riser pipe, aluminum
  •  IRP-B2-RJB-20W – Junction box, 20 way pedestal mount – round, includes terminals and hardware
  •  IRP-B2-SJB-20W – Junction box, 20 way pedestal mount, 14”Hx12”Wx4”D, includes terminals and hardware.
  •  IRP-B2-SJB-8W – Junction box, 8 way pedestal mount, 8”Hx8”Wx3 3⁄4”D, includes terminals and hardware
  •  IRP-B2—UTB – Junction box, post or pole mount, 38”Hx16”Wx16”D, blank case for TJC, shunt and wire termination
  •  IRP-B2-UTB-0001 – Junction box, post or pole mount, 38”Hx16”Wx16”D, 2 each terminal boards and shunt hardware
  •  IRP-B2-CJB – Junction box, 16”Hx16”Wx8”D, mounts on a cantilever mast, aluminum, 24 wire terminations
  •  IRP-B2-CJB(HD) – Junction box, 24”Hx32”Wx8”D, mounts on cantilever mast, aluminum, 48 wire terminations
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