Shunt Enclosure

Model# IRSTW-6

Eliminate the usual difficulties that are associated with accessing couplers or shunts buried between cross ties in the middle of the track. Interrail’s shunt enclosure is constructed of rugged schedule 40 PVC pipe and is installed above ground at a safe distance from the tracks, providing safe and easy access. Inside, the shunt or coupler sits on a support bracket and is attached to the mounting post with sturdy tie wraps. There is enough room inside for two couplers or shunts of 6” in diameter or less.


  • IRP-SE8-C – Complete shunt enclosure, no arresters
  • IRP-SE8-C-001 – Coupler enclosure
  • IRP-SE8-CA– Shunt enclosure complete with arresters and cable shield
  •  IRP-SE8 – Shunt enclosure top and bottom sections only
  •  IRP-SE8-T – Shunt enclosure top replacement
  •  IRP-SE8-B – Shunt enclosure bottom replacement
  •  IRP-SE8-ORT – Orange reflecting marking tape for shunt tubes


  •  Locking cover with standard railroad lock
  •  Cost effective
  •  Easy installation
  •  Weather resistant
  •  High visibility (easy location in deep snow regions)
  •  Provides easy access to shunts and couplers
  •  Provides easy access to surge protection networks
  •  Provides easy identification of shunt where there are overlapping crossing starts
  •  Eliminates lag screws and plates
  •  Eliminates digging up shunts
  •  Eliminates bending over to verify shunt types
  •  Eliminates damage from on-track equipment
  •  Allows for easy replacement of shunt or coupler
  •  Heavy duty steel post and hardware


  •  Termination shunt
  •  Multiple frequency termination shunt
  •  Tunable joint bypass
  • Wide band shunt
  •  Shunt and Dummy load
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