Switch Key Box

Model# IRP-B2-SKG

Electric lock switches have traditionally been hand operated.

When a train crew receives permission to operate the switch, and if traffic conditions permit, it wil unlock and can be hand operated. Afterward, the crew member must then walk back to the head end of the train. The switch key box allows train crews to operate clearing switches in TCS territory by key control. The switch will only throw if traffic conditions permit. After the switch reverses, a signal is displayed to exit the track. Once the train crew makes a movement over the switch, it will restore to normal position, allowing the train to clear the main track without the crew member walking back to the head of the train. The box has contacts that open when the padlock is removed and handle is released – similar to a padlock contact on a SL-25.


  • 16”x9.5” platform with T-handle grip gives a larger and safer surface to perform tasks
  • Constructed of .25 5052 marine grade aluminum for durability, easy installation and a long life free of rust.
  • Stainless steel hardware.
  • GATW (TIG) welding for stronger, high quality enclosures.
  • 2” knockout in the back for easy wire entrance.
  • 4 pre-drilled holes for easy mounting, utilizing 4 stainless self-tapping screws.
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